Joe Jagger - Roulette Winner From Britain

Joe Jagger was one of those players who managed to find what everyone is looking for - the biased roulette wheel. He was a British engineer who had no idea he would become one of the most famous roulette players.

Born in 1830 in Yorshire, England, he was fascinated by roulette game since he was a child. He has been working in the cotton mill but spent his free time researching roulette. The only thing he did not believe in the game was that all the numbers were random, he knew that something can be wrong in the wheel causing the bias and leading to player advantage.

In 1873 Joe hired 6 guys to record the wheels in the Beaux-Arts casino in Monte Carlo. The task of the guys was to watch the roulette wheel and see if there is some order in the numbers coming up. He did find one wheel which brought him 60,000 pounds at once.

Each time he came back to this casino the staff tried hiding the wheel from him by switching its place with the others. However they did not know he noticed a scratch at the biased one and went on winning. All in all he won 2 million French Francs (almost 200,000 pounds now) and quit his job.

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