The History of Roulette

The game of roulette starts its track from France where it was invented by Blaise Pascal as a perpetual motion machine in 1655. The name of the game means "small wheel" in French. At first roulette, was played in monasteries, and only in a while it was noticed as a great source of income and entertainment by Paris casinos. The game was then considered to be one of the most intelligent and glamorous. After that, in 1842, the casino in Monte Carlo was established by Francois and Luis Blanc. According to many legends, they sold their souls to the devil for the secret of roulette.


This is mainly because all the numbers on the roulette wheel total 666, which is the number of the beast. This and many other superstitions have been long associated with the game.

The wheel which is close to the modern one was used in France, after that the game came to the US in the early 1800s. The game became very popular especially in the west in the period of Gold Rush.

However, the United States did not accept the single "0" an introduced the extra slot of "00". The reason for that is the fact that the casinos were not happy with the min edge like at the European ones. This extra slot brings much bigger advantage.The European wheel since than became much more liked by players all over the world.

Nevertheless the game originally came from France, the double "00" game became known as the "American Wheel". Now the French or European wheel is more popular game as the odds it offers are much higher than the odds of the American one. The game of roulette has not only managed to become one of the most popular casino games, but also became the symbol of the casino. One of the reasons the game is popular is the adrenaline of trying to guess the number and thus win a 35 to 1 payout.

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