Roulette Wheel

American Roulette Wheel

American Roulette Wheel With Double Zero

The main difference between the American and European roulette wheels is the fact that the American wheel has one slot more. The European wheel has slots numbered from 1 to 36, the 0 slot. The American wheel in addition to all the previous ones has the 00 slot. In addition, the numbers on the American wheel are placed in pairs, the members of which are opposite each other. The numbers of the European roulette wheel are in a random order.

As the American wheel has one more slot than the European one, the odds offered at this game are significantly lower for the player. While some players may think it does not influence the odds much, it does in the long run. It can be illustrated by the mathematical calculations. The American wheel has the casino edge of - 5.26%

Sequence of numbers:

European wheel provides a smaller house edge, of only 2.70% due to the fact that it has one slot less.

European Roulette Wheel

The European Single Zero Roulette WheelThe main difference between American and European roulette wheel is that the first one has double zero pocket, while the other one does not have it. Though it is only one additional pocket, it affect the game odds greatly.

For a new player both of the wheels will look absolutely identical, though experiences player will notice differences in the layout and even sequence of numbers on the wheel, and the way they are placed at the table layout.

Sequence of numbers:

Though two of the games are very common, there are some differences in their rules. European roulette has two additional rules En Prison and La Partage. Both of these rules protect you from losing the bet paced, and unlike similar rules in blackjack games, they are really good for players. According to these rules, you do not lose your money if 0 number is hit.

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