Leathal Game Of Russian Roulette

Russian roulette is not another variant of the game this site is dedicated to. This game is a lethal game of chance. The players place one bullet into the revolver, spin the cylinder, stop it, put the muzzle against the head of he one that spinned and pull the trigger. The revolver is passed from one player to another. This game, as it can be seen from the name, comes from Russia.

The rules of the game may differ, as the players may spin the cylinder each time it's a new player's turn or the cylinder may be spinned after several rounds. Games may also differ by the quantity of players and the type of the revolver - whether it is a six or a five shot.

The first legend about the history of Russian roulette, the soldiers in the 19th century played the game to impress each other. In another version, the game was played by prisoners and the guards bet on the outcome.

Though this game may be seen in lots of movies and lots of books, it is still a suicidal game. Therefore, this game is not the one to be played ever.

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