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Roulette Bets

15 Aug 2013
Inside and outside roulette bets are just the most common types of betting in a roulette game. Because this game is so famous, it can be fun and very addicting to gamers though it seems so hard to beat the wheel for the first-time players

Roulette Jokes Part One

23 Jan 2013
Read the best roulette jokes as well as jokes about casinos!

The Most Famous Historical Bets

18 Dec 2012
Read about the most famous bets and the way one decision may change everything!

Andrucci Roulette System

02 Jul 2009
Familiarize with the simplest roulette system also known as Andrucci System that teaches to bet on the most frequent numbers.

Top Hatting at Roulette Table

18 Jun 2009
More about the widespread cheating techniques used at the roulette table - Top Hatting as a kind of late betting.

Roulette Past Posting

04 Jun 2009
Read about roulette late betting method, past posting, that is considered to be cheating and can be easily revealed at modern casinos.

Roulette Etiquette

21 May 2009
Learn the basic roulette rules of etiquette in order not to get confused each time you visit the land casino.

No Zero Roulette

08 May 2009
Now the players at online casinos have chance to try the roulette with NO zero slots that gives the total advantage over the house!

Joe Jagger From The Cotton Mill

24 Apr 2009
Joe Jagger was one of those players who managed to find what everyone is looking for - the biased roulette wheel.

Roulette Scam

03 Apr 2009
Roulette Scam Of 1966
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Mona Casino
- US players accepted
Bonus - 400%
Match - $400
Desert Nights
- US players accepted
Bonus - 200%
Match - $8000
High Noon
- US players accepted
Bonus - 200%
Match - $2000
- US players accepted