The Historical Bets

Joseph Jaggers was the first and probably the only one that successfully cheated at roulette. Well, to tell the truth he did not cheat, he just used the fact that the wheel at roulette was biased. He, together with his team clocked the wheels at Monte Carlo and used the biased one to win over $325,000 in 1873.

Summer of 1891 in Monte Carlo was famous for being a historical prototype of the song called "The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo." Charles Wells who was said to be a crook broke a bank (left with no chips) each table at one casino in several nights. He won all the money the table had and the dealer had to cover the table with a black cloth until the bank was refilled.

Ashley Revell from London is one of the most legendary figures of these days as in 2004 he sold everything he had and took all his money $135,300 to the Plaze Hotel, Las Vegas placed everything on the "red" bet at a roulette table. In a few seconds the ball has landed on Red 7 and Ashley won $270,600. This was one of the most famous casino videos and though many people predicted he would lose all the money he won, the guy created his own online casino and thus invested money in own business.

There were also many movie episodes that included roulette, big bets and big wins, but they will be the topic of one of our next articles.

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