Roulette Etiquette

Probably, any player who come to the land casino for the first time or even experienced gambler can get confused as he doesn't know all the rules how to place bets and behave at the table. In order to be polite and not to disturb the play there exists the special roulette etiquette that must be followed for the smooth and enjoyable game. The basic roulette etiquette rules are:

  • To join the roulette game you must buy the special chips that are used only at the roulette table, otherwise you won't be able to play even if you have the other chips from this casino.
  • You are allowed to place bets until the ball starts landing and before the dealer announces "No more bets".
  • Do not touch the special mark that is placed on the winning number.
  • Never touch the wagered chips on the table as only the dealer is allowed to deal with the bets and make the payouts.
  • In order not to confuse the dealer and the other players it is recommended to place the chips when betting in the right way: the small-denomination chips are on the top and the large ones - on the bottom.
  • Try not to be noisy at the roulette table. Of course, roulette game involves social aspect even more than other games and you are welcome to communicate with other players, but try not to shout and disturb other people.
  • Be polite and never blame the dealer when you lose because he is just doing his job and cannot influence the outcome of the play.
  • To thank the dealer for the game do not forget to leave him tips. To do this you can simply leave some chips next to your place but aside the bet.
  • Do not forget to exchange your chips before you leave the table as you will be able to do it nowhere else at the casino rather than at the roulette table.

Of course, if you play online you do not need to follow any rules as most the actions are automatic and you only need to choose the amount of the chips and the numbers you want to place the bet on. But if you are going to visit the land casino, always keep in mind these etiquette rules and you will never get in troubles.

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